Letter to Parents

St. Mary’s Patrons and School Families

Welcome to this beautiful holiday season. I pray that the holiday of Thanksgiving found you well, full of love and family and an understanding of what we should be thankful for.  God commands to spread the word throughout our brothers and sisters and to bring love to our brothers and sisters.  A message I gave to the teachers and students after our celebration of mass before we let out for the Thanksgiving is to remember not to be thankful one time a year, but to be thankful every day of the year.  We should thank God for his unconditional love every day and thank God for the many blessings he has granted us.  This is called ThanksLiving.  Live this every day and forever be joyous and glad for the love he has given everyone.  As we walk upon this holiday season remember to embrace the true spirit of Gods love and stop every day for a split second of our ever busy lives and say, Thank you, Father God. I love you.  Many blessings and I welcome you to our school mass every Friday at 10 AM.  Please join us and rejoice and be glad.

Your Brother in Christ

-Mr. V

Construction Update

December 2018

Thank the Lord we are getting very close to the end.  We are just forever waiting on Oncor to their part so we can get the electric running.  We have been waiting for 12 weeks now for them to install the new service the architect has drawn up.  Over the Thanksgiving holidays, we dug trenches ditches and cut the pavement to be ahead of Oncor so once they start we will be ready to “plug it in.”

We will be ready to move in before Christmas God willing that our old building that has given us shelter for many years does not show us any more surprises we have to get rid of before temporary C of O inspection.  If you have any questions please let me know and stop by the office or email me.  I will try my best to get back to you within 48 hours of receipt with appropriate informed answers.  Normally before I answer questions regarding construction I reach out to Mr. Miguel Garcia for adequate responses so please be patient.

Thank you

Mr. V and Miguel Garcia Jr.

2018 -2019 | School Year Calendar

2018 -2019 | Uniform Order Form

2018 -2019 | School Handbook

Click the link below to view our handbook.

2018 -2019 | St. Mary’s Central Catholic School Supply List

All Supplies should be labeled


3 large boxes of Kleenex
3 large container of Clorox Wipes
3 pkg of 5oz cups
3 large rolls of paper towels
3 reams of copy paper
1 Box of gallon ziploc bags
1 Box of quart ziploc bags


Bag must be purchased in office $12.00
No Backpack
2 Solid Standard Size towels-no characters
2 reams of copy paper
3 boxes of Kleenex
2 large Clorox wipes
3 pkgs of 5ox cups
1 large roll of paper towels

1st Grade

1 box of Ticonderoga pencils
1 box of 24 count Crayola crayons (no neon,etc.)
1 sharp, pointed scissors (Fiskar brand)
3 plastic pocket folders with brads (red, yellow & blue)
4 packages/boxes of 5oz. Dixie cups (200 count)
1 big pink eraser
1 small backpack – no oversized, no rollers
1 – 4fl.oz. Elmer’s glue
6 Elmer’s glue sticks
1 supply box
3 boxes of Kleenex
3 large Clorox wipes
2 reams of copy paper

2nd grade

1 Crayola water color set
2 package wide ruled paper
2 boxes of pencils
1 box Crayola crayons 24 count
1 pink pearl eraser
1 zipper pencil or Crayola bag (no boxes)
8 glue sticks
1 Elmer’s glue bottle
1 pair rounded Fiskar scissors
1 pkg of Expo dry erase markers
6 plastic pocket folders w/brads(red, blue, yellow)
1 box of quart or gallon size storage bags
1 ream of white or colored card stock
1 box of 5oz Dixie cups
3 large boxes of Kleenex
3 containers of Clorox wipes
2 reams of white copy paper

3rd - 5th Grade

1-  2″  3 ring blue view binder
1 – pkg. plastic 2 pocket divider tabs
2 – pkgs. wide rule filler paper – 100 ct.
1 – non-perforated 3 subject wide rule spiral notebooks 120 ct
4 – composition notebook, wide ruled, 9.75″ x 7.5″, 150 Sheet
1 – red plastic folder with pockets and brads
1 – blue plastic folder with pockets and brads
1 – yellow plastic folder with pockets and brads
1 – pencil pouch 3 ring binder pouch with grommets
1 – standard/metric flexible ruler
1 – pair Fiskar 5″ pointed scissors
1 –  4 oz washable school glue
3 –  glue sticks
1 – box Crayola colored pencils – 12 ct
1 – pkg.  Expo low odor dry erase markers – 4ct
1 – box Crayola crayons – 24 ct.
1 – box Crayola classic  broad line markers – 10 ct.
2 – red grading pencils with eraser
2 – highlighters
2 –  boxes #2 Ticonderoga pencils (12ct)
1 – multi-colored click pen
2 – pink erasers
3 – large  tissue boxes .
3 – large containers Clorox disinfectant wipes
3 – reams white copy paper
2 – reams multi-colored copy paper
2 – reams white card stock

6th Grade

6  plastic folders with pockets and brads (at least 1 blue)
1  large box yellow #2 pencils
1  zipper pencil pouch
6  wide rule spiral  notebooks
1  pkg black pens
2  highlighters
1  hand held pencil sharpener with cover
1  box felt tip markers   12 ct
1 pkg colored pencils  (map colors)
3  glue sticks
4  pink pearl erasers
1  pair scissors
1  compass
1  standard/metric ruler
2  protractors
3  pkgs wide rule loose leaf paper
1  pkg colored paper
3  large fabric book covers
1  pkg graph paper

7th - 8th Grade

2  plastic folders with pockets and brads
1  standard/metric ruler
2  pkg of #2 pencils  12 ct
2  college rule spiral  notebooks 100ct
1  college rule composition notebook
2  highlighters – different colors
1 pkg colored pencils   12 ct
1 pkg broad point markers  10ct
1  pkg Expo markers  4ct
1  pkg pens (blue or black)
1  hand held pencil sharpener
1  bottle glue   7 oz
3  glue sticks
1  compass
1  protractor
1  pink pearl eraser
3  pkgs  wide rule filler paper  100 ct
1  pkg graph paper  50 ct
1  pair pointed scissors
3  large fabric book covers
1  backpack dictionary/thesaurus
1  flash drive
3  boxes facial tissue
3  large containers Clorox wipes
4  reams white copy paper
2  reams multi-colored copy paper

Clay Shoot Event

March 22

Jake’s Clays . 13301 FM 1379 . Midland TX 79706