Our History

In the fall of 1962 the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate from Amarillo came to serve as Principal and teachers of grades one through five. Our selfless volunteers continued providing support by running our Kindergarten until 1979. The Daughters of Charity sent a sixth grade teacher in 1982, a principal in 1985 and a fourth grade teacher in 1987. A Living Word Sister also joined the team in 1987 to teach 3rd grade. Since 1988 lay administrators have served as Principal of the school.

Our Mission

Through scholarships and sacrifice St. Mary’s is able to serve all members of the Catholic community who come from various economic backgrounds. Despite efforts to maintain growth hard economic times impacted enrollment causing the discontinuation of various grades at different times. In 1965, the school opened its doors to seventh and eighth graders for one year. In August of 1998 the school attempted a seventh grade followed by an eighth grade. By 2001-2002 school year, both grades had been discontinued due to low enrollment and finances. In 1982, a preschool program was established at St. Mary’s. The 3K and 4K programs have been added and removed periodically through the years depending on enrollment and finances. The Montessori program was implemented in the 3K, 4K, and Kindergarten in 1999. Currently there is a full day Montessori PreK and Kindergarten taught by Montessori certified teachers.